2 Core 20AWG EIB/KNX LSZH Cable

LSZH Cable







2 Pair 0.8mm E.I.B Cable  (European Installation Bus)

Integration of Building Management Systems over one common system. Lighting, blinds, heating and ventilation can be automatically controlled through the E.I.B cable. This dramatically reduces the cabling required in a modern building.

Cable Construction -– 2 Pair

Plain copper conductors 0.8mm, Polyethylene insulation, cores twisted into pairs, pairs laid up, aluminium/polyester foil screen, stranded tinned copper drain wire.

Technical information:
  • Core identification:                                         Red, black, yellow, white
  • Conductor:                                                         0.8mm tinned copper
  • Sheath colour:                                                   Green
  • Operating temperature:                                -20°C to +70°C fixed and -5°C to +50°C installation
  • Voltage Working :                                           150V
  • Conductor resistance:                                     37.0 Ω/km @ 20°C
  • Mutual capacitance:                                          100nF/km max
  • Unbalanced capacitance:                               300pF/100m max
  • Insulation resistance:                                      1000MΩhms*km @ 20°C

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