Tri-rated Cable (H07V2-K) to BS6231

Tri-rated Cable (H07V2-K) to BS6231






Siechem APC Conductor, PVC Insulated, UnSheathed General Purpose 600/1000 V SingleCore 1050C Flexible Cables as per BS 6231 Type CK


  1. Suitable for lighting circuits and building wiring
  2. Used in closed installation ducts, embedded
    conduits, Shopping malls, High rise buildings
    & Industries
  3.  Internal wiring of appliances and apparatus
  4. Power, Switchgear & control gear appliances
  1. Conductor : Annealed copper conductor, class 5
    flexible conductor as per BS 6360
  2. Insulation : HR PVC 1050C.
    (Green/Yellow, Blue or other colours)
  1. Temperature Range : -25 C to + 105 C
  2.  Rated Voltage (U /U) : 600/1000V
  3. Test Voltage : 1.5 x rated voltage
  4. Bending Radius : 5 x OD
  1. Flame retardant
  2. Flexibility
  3. Medium Mechanical Stress.

Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green/Yellow, Grey

1- Flexible copper class 5 CEI EN 60228

2- PVC TI1



Operating Temperature:                                         +5 C / +105 C on the conductor

Rated voltage:                                                              H07V-K:450/750V

Max. temperature of short circuit:                          160 C on the conductor ( max. duration 5 seconds)

Min. bending radius:                                                  Fixed installation: 4 x outer diameter


Panel wires are available in single cores whose size ranges from 1.5 mm2 per conductor to 240 mm2 per conductor.

Please contact us for more information regarding panel wires.

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