Operating temperature
-40°C to +90°C

Minimum bending radius
6 times the outer diameter.

Single core Red – black – blue – brown (other colors on request)
Twin core Red – black (other colors on request)

Applicable Standards
Basic design BS 7211
Fire resistant BS 6387 (cat.C-W-Z tested in steel conduit)
Acid gas emission EN 50267-2-1 / IEC 60754-1
EN 50267-2-2 / IEC 60754-2
Smoke density EN 61034-2 / IEC 61034-2

Cable construction
Plain annealed copper wire, stranded according to
EN 60228 class 2.

Cable Mica/Glass fire resistant tape covered by
extruded cross-linked compound type EI5.

Only for FIRECEL SR 112X two conductors are twisted.

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Firecel SR 112 are designed,manufactured and
tested as cable fixed or protected installation for
power supply, lighting and control gear.