Operating Temperature
-20 °C to +80 °C (for general use); -40 °C to +90 °C (on request)

Minimum Bending Radius
Not armoured type:
12 times the outer diameter
10 times the outer diameter (for conductors class 5)
Armoured type:
15 times the outer diameter

Applicable Standards
EN 50288-7 Basic design
IEC 60332-1 Flame retardant
IEC 60332-3 Fire retardant (cat. C or A according to requirements)
IEC 60754-1 Halogen free properties (only for LSZH cables)
IEC 61034-2 Low smoke emission (only for LSZH cables)

Cable Construction


Solid alloy


ANSI MC 96.1 or IEC 60584-3

Insulation PVC, PE, XLPE or LSZH thermoplastic material


The insulated cores shall be twisted in pairs for a good reduction of the electromagnetic noise.

Individual Screen

Aluminium/polyester tape, coverage >100%,
aluminium in contact with tinned copper drain wire.


The screened pairs are cabled with suitable non hygroscopic fillers (when necessary) and wrapped with polyester tape if required.

Overall Screen

Aluminium/polyester tape, coverage >100%, aluminium in contact with tinned copper drain wire.

Inner Sheath

PE, PVC or LSZH thermoplastic material


Single layer of galvanized steel wires (SWA)

Outer Sheath

PVC or LSZH thermoplastic material

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➜ Thermocouple cable is used to measure temperature in various industrial processes
➜ Widely used in chemical processing plants, food processing facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, refineries, and oil and gas plants
➜ Helps optimize production, improve efficiency, and prevent equipment failures
➜ Used in power generation to monitor temperature in boilers, turbines, and other equipment
➜ Used in HVAC systems to monitor temperature in air handlers, chillers, and other equipment
➜ Ideal for applications where accurate temperature measurement is critical for safety and process control
➜ Available in armoured and non-armoured options to provide additional protection in harsh environments
➜ Compatible with cable tray and conduit installations for ease of use and flexibility.