Conductor : Annealed Tinned Copper (APC Optional) according to IEC 60228,
Class 5 or as per customer order
Insulation : XLPE 1200C (Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Green)
Jacket : XLPE Highly weather & UV Resistant (colour Black)

Type of Solar Cables
TUV : Siechem Single & Multi Core and Screened Solar cables meets specn.2Pft
UL : Siechem Single & Multicore and Screened Solar Cables meets UL 4703 Siechem
Dual : Single & Multicore and Screened cables to meet both TUV & UL specn.

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Single Core : 1.5 to 400 or its equivalent size in AWG
Multi Core : 2 to 4 cores x 1.5 to 400 sq. mm or its equivalent size in AWG
Multi Core (EMC) : Up to 61 core screened cables (data sheet against specific request for EMC cables)