Electrical Properties
ISO/IEC 11801, TIA/EIA 568-A Impedance    100 ± 5%
Max. d.c resistance    14.8 /100m (26AWG)
Max. resistance unbalance    3% (5% for TIA/EIA)
Min. propagation velocity    0.65 C
Max. Mutual capacitance   5.6nF/100m
Max. capacitance unbalance   3400/3300pF/Km (ISO/IEC,TIA/EIA)
Max. d.c resistance   9.38/100m (24AWG)
Max. d.c loop resistance   19.2 /100m
Min. d.c insulation resistance   150M/Km
Max. Propagation delay skew 30 ns/100m

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Proven support for Gigabit
Ethernet / 1000 BASE-T/ IEEE 802.3ab 10 Base-T
100 Base-T4
100 Base –x
IEEE 802.5
4/16 Mbps Token Ring
IEEE 802.12
100 Base –VG