• Solar cable suitable for the interconnection of the various elements of photovoltaic systems
  • Solar cable suitable for fixed installation outside and inside without protection or
    inside pipes, ducts or similar closed systems.
  • High resistance against Ozone, U.V rays, oils, moisture and weather
  • Suitable for use at an ambient temperature up to 90°C (120°C overload)
    and tested according to: TÜV-Rheinland 2 Pfg 1169/08.2007 Standard.
  • The estimated lifetime of these cables is at least 25 years.


  • Sheath Color: Black, Red
  • Operating temperature: -40°C ÷ 90°C on the conductor
  • Overload temperature: 120°C on the conductor
  • Expected Lifetime: >25 years
  • Rated voltage: 1800 V DC
  • Max. temperature in case of short circuit: 250° C on the conductor (max duration 5 seconds)
  • Min. bending radius: 4 x outer diameter of the cable
  • Min. installation temperature: -25°C
  • Max laying stress during installation: 50 N/mm2

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