• Available in black and red sheath colors.
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to 90°C on the conductor, providing reliable performance in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Overload temperature of 120°C on the conductor, ensuring stable operation even in demanding conditions.
  • Expected lifetime of more than 25 years, providing reliable performance for the lifetime of a solar system.
  • Rated voltage of 1800 V DC, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of solar system components.
  • Maximum temperature in case of short circuit of 250°C on the conductor, with a maximum duration of 5 seconds, for added safety in high-current applications.
  • Minimum bending radius of 4 times the outer diameter of the cable, ensuring flexibility and ease of installation.
  • Minimum installation temperature of -25°C, making it suitable for use in cold environments.
  • Maximum laying stress during installation for added durability and longevity.


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➜ Designed for interconnecting the various elements of photovoltaic systems.
➜ Suitable for use in fixed installations both indoors and outdoors, without additional protection.
➜ Can be used inside pipes, ducts, or similar closed systems.
➜ High resistance against environmental factors like ozone, UV rays, oils, moisture, and harsh weather conditions.
➜ Can operate at ambient temperatures up to 90°C, and overload up to 120°C.
➜ Tested according to TUV-Rheinland 2 Pfg 1169/08.2007 Standard.
➜ Estimated lifetime of at least 25 years, providing reliable performance for the lifetime of a solar system.
➜ Designed to meet industry standards and regulations for safety and performance in photovoltaic systems.